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Play it safe by checking in advanceTimoCom Identify

Every day we are committed to ensuring that you can work with our programmes efficiently and securely. Subsequent transactions are carried out directly between the parties involved, so, of course, commercial due diligence must be exercised.

Check your business partner's identity:

  • Request a print of the offer in question in TC Truck&Cargo® be sent to you by your potential business partner. You can immediately check whether they have access to the freight exchange.
  • For identification purposes have the potential business partner send you the documents required when placing an order with a new partner.
  • Compare the information in the documents received against the company profile in TC Profile®.
  • Compare the contact person's details, for example whether name, phone number and e-mail address are identical to the data in TC Profile®.

Should you still have grounded doubt about the potential business partner after this check, TimoCom Identify will assist you in identifying your potential partner.

For the identification order we require:

  • Print of the offer in TC Truck&Cargo® sent to you by the potential business partner
  • Copy of the documents received from the potential partner
  • Fully completed order form listing the grounds for your doubt

Email the complete documents to identify@timocom.com or fax to TimoCom at +49 211 88 26 50 00. A free comprehensive check by the TimoCom Identify Team should be completed within a maximum 5 working hours. You will receive a written answer – weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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